by Muhammad Inam Ul Haq

Aren’t you impressed with our travel ideas for January? Or were you looking forward to the February holidays? Don’t worry; there are many places for you to take advantage of these holidays. Here we have selected our 10 favorite countries or regions to visit at this time of year, whether for their tranquil, wonderful nature or climate. The BEST PLACES TO TRAVEL IN FEBRUARY is the Philippines. 

The parties from all over Venice to New Orleans may look slightly different by 2021, despite the launch of the Covid vaccine. Embrace the cold to a comfortable stay in the Cotswolds or find a location exempt from British quarantine regulations. If you want to know more about where to go in February, check out our travel tips below.

  • Philippines, El Nido

With more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a Southeast Asian country with good visits in February during the dry season. Then we immerse ourselves in the islands with rugged terrain and unique culture. Ancient forests, unusual diving spots, and white sand beaches, rice terraces: everything is there!

  • The Dominican Republic

Why in February? For windsurfing, whales, and sun.

Occupying the eastern part of Hispaniola’s island (Haiti covers the western part), the Dominican Republic is large and varied enough for all tastes. It offers backpacker accommodations in fishing villages, luxurious honeymoon retreats, and all-inclusive resorts perfect for families. The country is home to the highest peak in the Caribbean.

In February, the dry weather allows you to discover all these aspects. It’s also the best time to windsurf in the bustling resort town of Cabarete. And thousands of humpback whales come to breed in Samaná Bay.

  • Micronesia, Palau

Micronesia is a region of Oceania, including the Federation of Micronesia, Kiribati, the Mariana Islands, Nauru, and Palau. It is suitable for humid tropical climates, diving in the islands’ abundant waters, lazing on beautiful beaches, and tasting the preserved authentic culture.

  • St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a picture of winter romance. It is a city of forts and poets, a masterpiece of art and philosophy. It was here that Pushkin died defending his honor in a duel, where Dostoevsky received his first reception in literature, and Tchaikovsky composed his first symphony.

White summer nights put a rare spring in the footsteps of the locals. Winter comes when St. Petersburg is predominantly Russian: with frozen canals and gloomy, snow-covered roads.

Here, you can enjoy vintage-fashion stalls huddle for warmth alongside vegan street-food and art galleries.

  • United States, Hawaii, Honolulu

Honolulu and all the Pacific archipelago islands can be discovered wonderfully in February, in not too bitter temperatures. You can then discover the extraordinary beaches, the bubbling volcanoes, and the culture with Polynesian, Western and Asian influences, the coral reefs, and the translucent waterfalls that characterize this fiftieth American state.

  • Northern South Island, New Zealand

Why in February? To enjoy the delicacies of the region without the crowds.

February is one of the hottest months of the year (20-30 ° C). And on this date, New Zealanders are no longer on vacation. Therefore, the time is good to visit places usually busy during the austral summer, like Abel Tasman National Park, calm and sunny. It’s also a good time to cycle around the 150 or so cellars of the Marlborough wine region: the vines are laden with grapes (the harvest occurs between March and May).

Blenheim hosts the Marlborough Food and Wine Festival, which showcases local produce:

  • Fruits (cherries, strawberries, and apricots)
  • Kaikoura cheese
  • Cloudy Bay clams
  • Blue cod
  • Green mussels from the Marlborough Sounds

Gourmets will also appreciate the restaurants of the wine estates.

  • Donsol, Philippines

Why in February? Great weather and whale sharks.

The world’s largest fish, the whale shark, can grow up to 13 meters in length. Donsol is a coastal town on the farthest end of Luzon Island. It is one of the best places in the world to see up close. During the favorable period from February to May, one can see a dozen people simultaneously. Many nature-friendly tour operators arrange snorkeling boat trips to swim among harmful whale sharks. In the middle of a dry season, you can take the opportunity to do more research in the Philippines, where some 7,000 islands are spoiled for selection.

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